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Medoc - Best Polyclinic in Mangalore

Medoc Polyclinic is a unit of Medoc Enterprises pvt ltd. Our first polyclinic s located at Thokkotu, Ullal at Mangalore district Karnataka. Our next project is to open up a polyclinic in Kasaragod district, Kerala.

Over the years, Medical treatment has made astonishing advances. But the delivery of such treatments are often inefficient, ineffective, expensive and consumer unfriendly.

But due to extreme R&D, innovations and technological advancements, Medoc brings to its patients, new drugs, new diagnostic methods, drug delivery systems, and medical devices that offer the hope of better treatment and of care that is less costly, disruptive, and painful.

Thus, our intention to bring up a polyclinic in the heart of two districts is so that the patients get one-stop consultation, and are freed from the burden of coordinating their care with myriad providers.

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Clinic with Innovative Approach to Treatment

Our core aim of Medoc Polyclinic is based on the very essence of life and that is to provide intense care, compassion and commitment. We strive to provide a comprehensive healthcare service, where we are constantly driven by our mission, and that is to ‘heal with a human touch’. We work towards enriching lives, promoting good health and make every moment count. Your health is our priority. Hence, with state of the art medical facilities and new innovations and breakthroughs in medical treatment, our doctors are trained well so that they treat the patients with innovative approaches and provide extreme satisfaction.

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Group of Certified and Experienced Doctors

We have a group of top physicians, supporting staffs and care teams, who are in relentless pursuit of better treatment especially now during this current COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.


The doctors of Medoc are so goal focused and serious about their consultation. These doctors put forward the fact that every patient should feel relieved and informative at the end of the visit, at times even the patient’s guardian should feel more informed and to feel like their issues have been properly addressed.